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Sorry, Hotel Not Available

Sorry, TDY-PerDiem hotels are not presently available in this city. Please send us a note at and let us know:
  1. How often do you travel to this city?
  2. What hotels are you presently staying at now?
  3. How many days of each of your stays (average)?
  4. What companies or government agencies are you visiting?
  5. Do you travel with groups or will you require meeting rooms?
  6. Would you like to stay at a TDY-PerDiem hotel that will save you $40 to $60 per day?
  7. Do you have friends or colleagues you want us to add to our mailing list when a TDY-PerDiem hotel becomes available in this city?
  8. Do you have other requests or comments for us?
Thanks for writing to TDY-PerDiem! We are looking forward to serving you soon at your preferred city.

You may return to the list of cities and choose another location.

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