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Welcome to TDYPerDiem's Help and Information Pages. You may reach our customer service representatives at; although we will respond within 24 hours to any questions, we invite you to check below to see if the answer to your question is already online.

General Questions
Customer Service
About Your Hotel
Billing and Payment
Government Per Diem
Technical Problems

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US Per Diem Rates by State
US Meals & Incidental Expenses by State
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General Questions

What is TDYPerDiem?
What is a per diem package?
How does TDYPerDiem work?
How do I save money by staying at a TDYPerDiem hotel?
How many rooms can I reserve?
Are there any cities or countries TDYPerDiem can't get me hotel rooms in?
How do I know what price I will pay?
In what ways can I provide TDYPerDiem with my payment?
Is it safe to give my credit card number to TDYPerDiem over the Internet?
Can I make a TDYPerDiem hotel reservation any other way than on the Internet?
How can I make special requests?
How can I get free meeting space?
Am I committed to keep my reservation once TDYPerDiem reserves a room?
What do I need to check in at my hotel?
Do I have to pay the hotel for my room when I check out?
Do I get a hotel receipt when I check out?
What if I don't see the city in which I want to stay?
Which hotels or hotel chains participate with TDYPerDiem?
Will TDYPerDiem ever sell or give my name or personal information to a third party?
Will additional services become available at TDYPerDiem?

Customer Service

How do I contact TDYPerDiem Customer Service?
What if there is a mistake in my hotel confirmation?
How do I check the status of my reservation?
Can I cancel my reservation after I've submitted it?
Will I receive confirmation of my reservation by U.S. mail?
My reservation contained a mistake.
What if I need a wheelchair-accessible room?
Who should I contact about my special needs and requests?
Who should I call if I need to change the name on a confirmed hotel reservation?
In the event of an emergency, can I cancel my hotel reservation?
What if I do not arrive at the hotel on my check-in date?
What happens if my hotel is sold out when I arrive?

About Your Hotel

How do I find out my room assignment?
Can I request a non-smoking room?
How can I make special requests?
Who should I contact about my special needs and requests?
If I don't have a credit card when I check into my hotel, how much of a cash deposit will I be required to provide?
What identification do I need to check in at my hotel?
What are the check-in/check-out times for my hotel?
May I upgrade my room?
May I change the arrival or departure dates of my reservation?
How can I get either a smoking or a non-smoking room?
Are pets allowed in my hotel?
What if I need a courtesy car?

Billing and Payment

How do I know what price I will pay?
Are taxes included in the per diem rate?
How do I enter my credit card number over the phone?
Is it safe to give my credit card number to TDYPerDiem over the Internet?
Is the specified price for the hotel room or for each guest in the room?
How many rooms can I reserve?
How do I make a group reservation?
How near to my travel date can I make TDYPerDiem reservations?
How far in advance can I make a TDYPerDiem reservation?
How late can I cancel a TDYPerDiem reservation?
What forms of payment do you accept?
In what ways can I provide TDYPerDiem with my credit card number?
I'm reserving multiple rooms; may I charge the rooms reservations to separate credit cards?
May I change the credit card I used to guarantee my TDYPerDiem reservation?

Government Per Diem

What is TDY?
What is a per diem rate?
Why does GSA establish a per diem rate?
How does GSA establish these rates?
Why does GSA require surveyed hotels to meet fire safety approval?
What is the Standard CONUS per diem rate?
Do all per diem rates exclude lodging taxes, and laundry and dry cleaning expense?
My experience indicates that a prescribed per diem rate is inadequate--how can I have the rate changed?
Where may I obtain a copy of the per diem rates, plus copies of previous rates for tax purposes?
When the prescribed per diem rate does not cover my hotel, can I get reimbursed actual expenses?
Since the new per diem rates do not include lodging taxes, do I have to pay separate hotel tax?
When I attend a conference which includes lunch, it may be necessary to skip lunch for health reasons or because I'm eating elsewhere due to official business. Will I be reimbursed for a replacement lunch?
Should I be required to share my hotel room with another employee?
How are tips shown on my travel voucher?
What is the Meals and Incidentals breakdown?
If I have confirmed late arrival at a hotel on my Government-issued travel card, and was delayed due to weather, illness, or other, will I be reimbursed for the first night's lodging?
What are the current POV (privately owned vehicle) mileage rates?
How can I use my earned frequent flyer points for personal travel?
How can I get a copy of the Federal Travel Regulation (FTR)?

Privacy Policy

What personal information is collected by TDYPerDiem, and how is the information used?
With whom is the information shared?
What kind of security procedures are in place to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of this information?
How can I access and update my personal information?
Additional Information

Technical Problems

I can't enter my credit card information on the Web site.
Why can't I get through your Web site to make a request while I'm at work?
I have Web-TV. Are there any problems using your Web site?

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