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Calendar Day:
The 24-hour period from midnight to midnight the next day.

Commercially Rented Vehicle:
An automobile rented from a company not under contract with the Government. Travelers should only rent a vehicle from a non-contract company if a vehicle is unavailable through a Government contracted source. (See DOC Travel Handbook 301-2.2(d)).

Reconstructing travel that has actually occurred by changing dates/times/ locations/method of travel to reflect travel that would have occurred had the traveler not taken a personal excursion.

Continental United States:
The 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia. The term may be abbreviated CONUS.

Contract Carrier:
The air, rail, or bus company which is under contract to the Government and provides special Government rates to employees or invitational travelers.

Continental United States.

Commerce Travel Regulations.

Expenses or costs which are deemed unreimbursable.

Department of Commerce.

The death or serious illness or injury of a traveler or a member of the traveler's family or a catastrophic occurrence or impending disaster such as a fire, flood, or act of God which directly affects the traveler's home or family and occurs while the traveler is at, or enroute to or from a temporary duty location.

The process of going to or coming from a temporary duty location.

Excess Baggage:
Government and/or personal property of the traveler necessary for official travel in excess of the weight, size, or number of pieces that is carried free by transportation companies.

Federal Travel Regulations.

Government means the "Government of the United States" and the government of the District of Columbia.

Government-Contracted Rental Vehicle:
An automobile obtained for short-term use from a commercial firm under the provisions of an appropriate Government contract.

Government Rate:
A special rate offered by airlines, rental car companies, places of lodging, etc., for travelers on official business.

General Services Administration.

Government Transportation Account.

Government Transportation Request.

Incidental Expenses:
Those expenses covered in the M&IE rate such as fees and tips to porters, baggage carriers, bellhops, hotel maids, stewards on vessels, and hotel servants in foreign countries; laundry and cleaning and pressing of clothing; transportation between places of lodging or business and places where meals are taken; or telephone calls necessary to reserve lodging accommodations.

Invitational Travel:
Travel of persons other than Federal employees may be approved only by officials designated by bureau heads. They must be conferring on official business or performing a direct service to the Government. (See 301-1.7 DOC Travel Handbook).

A schedule of travel, usually provided by the travel agency, which includes carrier, flight number, times of arrival and departure, etc.

Local Travel:
Travel within a 50-mile radius of traveler's official duty station or residence.

Locality Rate:
Maximum per diem rates prescribed for specific locations.

Expenses for overnight sleeping facilities; baths, personal use of the room during daytime, and service charges for fans, air conditioners or heaters furnished in rooms when such charges are not included in the room rate.

Meals and Incidental Expenses.

Meals/Lodging Paid by Government:
When lodging, or all or part of the meals are furnished at no cost to the traveler by the Government, the applicable maximum per diem rate shall be reduced to a daily amount commensurate with the expenses expected to be incurred. (See FTR 301-7.12.).

Miscellaneous Expenses:
Expenses not itemized elsewhere which include such things as cost of traveler's checks, money orders, transaction fees, currency conversion, passport or visa fees, gas for rental cars, official phone calls, registration or conference fees, etc.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

NOAA Travel Handbook.

Outside Continental United States.

Official Station:
A traveler's official place of work designated by city and state, or by organization.

Official Travel:
Travel which is authorized on a travel order.

Per Diem Allowance:
A daily payment instead of actual expenses for lodging, meals, and related incidental expenses. For a state-by-state guide to per diem rates, click here, then select the appropriate city.

Privately Owned Vehicle.

Prudent Traveler:
A traveler on official business is expected to exercise the same care in incurring expenses that a prudent person would exercise if traveling on personal business and expending personal funds.

Rest Stop:
When travel is direct between authorized origin and destination points which are separated by several time zones, and either the original or destination point is outside CONUS, a rest period not in excess of 24 hours may be authorized when air travel between the two points exceeds 14 hours.

Secure Sockets Layer; a technology used to protect Web transactions from interception between the customer and the Web retailer. Often used to secure credit card information.

Costs or expenses which are unclear and require additional explanation, justification, or documentation before reimbursement will be allowed.  The traveler must submit a reclaim voucher for costs that have previously been suspended.

Temporary Duty.

Temporary Duty Station:
The location where traveler's official business is being conducted away from the official duty station.

Travel Advance:
The form which requests funds in advance of travel.

Travel Order- The form which authorizes a traveler to perform official travel.

Travel Voucher:
The form a traveler prepares and submits for reimbursement of expenses incurred during the travel process.

Twelve-Hour Rule:
Per diem shall not be allowed when the period of official travel is 12 hours or less.

A Government-owned or contracted ship or boat. May also include foreign vessels used in cooperation with the Government.

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