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What do our Guests say about TDYPerDiem Hotels?

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"I have stayed with TDY-PerDiem on the average of three weeks a month including weekends. During this period of time my rooms have always been great and the service excellent. I have used the fax service, message service, FedEx, etc., and all were excellent! The breakfast is great and the lounge and restaurant staffs have done an excellent job. Traveling 46 weeks this year, I know something about hotels. I will stay here anytime I am in the area. Thank you for everything." - Barbara C

"The entire staff is really an outstanding group of employees, and they far exceed all expectations. The food and all accommodations are the best. Thanks very much." - Sam W

"The staff is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for being a home away from home." - Peter H

"While here accompanying my husband, I was extremely appreciative of the courtesies given me. Your staff is superb! You can be assured that I and my husband will spread the word around." - Mrs. Charles N

"My husband and I would like to express our appreciation to the staff for making our month stay such a pleasant experience. Everything was top drawer. The food was excellent. The hostess and waiters were friendly and are very professional. Thank you again." - Barbara L.

"I salute the entire staff and employees for a job well above the 'Call of Duty.' They are not only well focused but appear to act like shareholders. Keep up the ongoing efforts." - Tony M

"Every employee I met asked me if there was anything they could do for us and if everything was going well and meeting our expectations." - Patrick W. Huested, Captain, USAF

"Of all the travel and stays we have had over the years, this was the best. Thanks very much." - Debra W

"Service and location were outstanding. Customer service was very professional." - Kathy K

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